Chiropractic Testimonials

"This is just a short story to relate my latest adventure into the medical community. I had a bad neck pain that would not go away, it just kept getting worse – so I ended up in the emergency room. They prescribed a muscle relaxant, I took one dose and for the next 24 hours, I got sharp shooting pains in my head every 4-10 minutes. And my neck pain did not go away, so I came to Dr. Kaiser to help me. In a week I could tell the pain was a lot less and about 2 weeks later it got better and better. I am in NO pain now – while I was getting treatment for my neck I started to notice a sharp pain in my foot, it was so bad I had to give up walking. I mentioned this to Dr. Kaiser and he adjusted my leg one time! This was amazing to me – I did not think chiropractic could help with a pain in my foot – and so quickly. So a good lesson learned, ask Dr. Kaiser if chiropractic would be of help – first!"

- Marlene B.

"It began with discomfort in my right thigh in the spring of 2012. After trying Osteo BiFlex and multiple doses of Aleve, nothing seemed to help what was becoming a real pain. Also, it was no longer in the thigh, but my lower back and right hip. By August, I was having more difficulty walking and could barely manage stairs. I needed help. I made an appointment with my primary care physician who ordered a series of x-rays. The radiologist couldn’t see anything wrong, so I left the office with prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and Vicodin. Someone was to call me later that afternoon to set up future appointments to begin physical therapy. Physical Therapy? For What? The next day, no one had called, but I didn’t care. I needed to understand why, in four months, I went from a relatively active 50-year-old, normal-weight woman, to someone who could barely function daily. I went online and searched for Pain Management. Chiropractic care came up and Dr. Kaiser was listed first. I had an appointment the following day! Dr. Kaiser looked at the x-ray previously taken by my primary care physician and saw what the radiologist didn’t see; multiple vertebrae out of alignment in my neck and mid-back were pressing on a nerve. During that first visit, the physical therapist finally called to set up an appointment. It was obvious I wasn’t going to need that therapy and within a week of visits to Dr. Kaiser, I was vastly improving. A year after the “discomfort” began; I’m seeing Dr. Kaiser once a month for maintenance only and am RUNNING almost 10 miles a week!!...and as of October 2013, I ran and completed my very first 5K! Thank you to Kaiser Chiropractic. I owe it all to Dr. Kaiser."

- Gail N.

"I would like to recommend Dr. Kaiser and his staff. My wife, Maria, and I have had nothing but excellent experiences at his clinic. From the time we arrive to the time we leave the office, we are treated with great courtesy and superb professional care. We have lived in the Lake Geneva area for twenty-five years and have been coming to Kaiser Chiropractic for the past ten years. Prior to my experience here, I did not have the confidence in chiropractic care that I do now. Thanks to the adjustments provided by Dr. Kaiser and the massages provided by Kelly Wolf, I have seen a marked improvement in my health. I am a tall guy. I measure six foot seven. I have been through three knee surgeries and without the excellent care provided by Dr. Kaiser and my orthopedic surgeon, I would not be able to enjoy the quality of life I have now. At 68 years old, I can keep up with my grandchildren, my business, and most importantly my much younger, dynamic, Italian wife! I heartily endorse the work done here and I continue to recommend Dr. Kaiser to all my friends and colleagues."

- Fred M.


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